The Narrative Structure of The Artful Escape

Screenshot from the Artful Escape. Depicting Francis Vendetti holding a guitar.

After having just completed the Artful Escape. I was struck by how well it’s structured. The story is linear. Mixing exploration sections, with musical platforming and performance sections. I’ve chosen to only talk about the main structural points here. There’s a lot more to see in the main game. This is a very high-level overview.(Spoilers … Read moreThe Narrative Structure of The Artful Escape

Adventure Afterlife – 20 years of Adventure games part 6 1997

For those of you who have not read any entries in this series these before, I’m playing through a couple of adventure games from each year following the release of Monkey Island 2. It’s been over a year since the last entry, a lot has happened for me personally. I had a really terrible time for … Read moreAdventure Afterlife – 20 years of Adventure games part 6 1997

AdventureX 2016

I’m once again helping to run AdventureX, a convention dedicated to narrative and storytelling in gaming. We’ve been running a Kickstarter which has gone pretty well and is allowing my co-organisers Tom and Ali to go out and secure superb speakers and entertainment. The convention is free to attend and will run in London on the … Read moreAdventureX 2016