RPG Shopkeeper free indie game/ mod voice pack

It’s been hard to record much lately but I’ve found time to make a new voice pack! This pack is a fantasy shop keeper that could be used in something like a skyrim Mod or RPG maker game. As with my other voice packs this is free for non commercial use, and for projects with out adult content. If you have any questions or wish to use the pack for commercial use please email me. ( aralechan@gmail.com)

Download free RPG / mod/ animation voice pack
Download free RPG / mod/ animation voice pack

It can be Downloaded here

Voice is English , female, mid pitch

Included are various phrases:


My Lord!

My Lady!

We have a sale today!

Thank you

Also please credit :

“Azure’s RPG Shop keeper Voice Pack http://www.shonen.co.uk

You can also use it for other projects such as mods, animations etc




All the way down

atwd atwd2

I did some VO in All the way down, a free Adventure game set in Yorkshire.

Programmed and Written by Steve Poulton (Calin Leafshade @CalinLeafshade)
Background Art By Hayley Griffiths (Sookiesock @Sookiesock)
Character Art By Matt Frith (Tier @MatthewJFrith)
Portraits By Victor Pflug (Pinback @modredcastleton)
Lead Voice By Drew Wellman (ddq5 @ddq)
Shopkeeper By Rebecca McCarthy (Azure @azuresama)
Other Voices By Steven Poulton (Calin Leafshade @CalinLeafshade)

Download on AGS



Game jam game – Narcoleptic Weight Loss Expert

Exciting freeware game


Narcoleptic Weight Loss Expert is a strategic button clicking game in which you must help a man get fit, whilst struggling to stay conscious. Using calorific transubstantial technology you are able to trade the calories burned by your client to purchase new items to stay awake and keep motivated.

But really it’s all about the music.

This was originally a 4 hour random name generator game jam that we made a year ago and added some more crap to later and then promptly forgot about.

ddq: Coding and direction
Azure: Writing and item sprites
MattFrith: Background and animations
enkerro: Music
Grundislav: Voice acting

Download the game.

Download the soundtrack.



Kawaii fighter free anime style voice samples

Free cute voices
Free cute voices

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For an experiment I am releasing a mp3 voice pack designed to be used by freeware game creators. This pack is called ” Kawaii Fighter” and is based around a cute anime voice announcer for a fighting or arcade game. If people like it I may make more.

Included are various call outs including:

Round 1, 2,3

Counting 1,2,3,4

Generic arcade power ups

Game over, etc



The voice samples are in mp3 format and are zipped.Only restriction is no adult themed games and nothing you make money on please. If in doubt please ask and I can check it’s OK or work something out.

Also to use these samples you need to credit :

“Azure’s Kawaii Fighter Voice Pack http://www.shonen.co.uk

You can also use it for other projects such as mods, animations etc