AdventureX 2017

I’m once again helping to organize AdventureX a convention dedicated to narrative & storytelling in games. It’s running November 11-12  2017 at Goldsmith’s University London. We just launched our Kickstarter and within 24 hours were funded. 

If you want to exhibit a game, give a talk or help us as a volunteer then you can apply on the site.

If you’re interested Ali made a mini documentary about the event:



AdventureX 2016 is over, and the feedback has been great. I summed up the coverage we’ve had on the blog here and here. The event was really fun to help work on and I think everyone involved was utterly exhausted by the end of the weekend. In a somewhat related note, the speakeasy edition of Late Last Nite was released. I play the lead character, Morgan. The game is free on Gamejolt so if you fancy a free and fully-voiced adventure you should check it out. I’ll be returning to Adventure Afterlife over Christmas and I’ll get back to working on it now AdventureX is over.


I sort of took part in the Molyjam…

Format Link


I sort of took part in the Molyjam.

” You will need a pen and some paper” is an interactive multimedia experience ….. In order to play you will need a pen ( or pencil) and a sheet of paper. This is a mini Moly-jam as I didn’t have a full two days to make it. Note: Due to an engine bug please play it in windowed mode at default size 🙂 Let me know what you think ( and share what you make if you choose )!

Here’s my Molyjam entry,

Download link ( Windows):

"Setting out"

The first version of my Interactive Fiction is complete, I learned a lot doing it especially from the forum at It’s very simple, the plot is almost non existent, descriptions are deliberately kept light, the ‘puzzles’ ( I use this term lightly) are easy. This was deliberate so I could get used to how Inform 7 works, so that in future I can create something a bit more complex.

I’ve wanted to write some IF for ages, and if I’d written up a near years resolution this would have been on it!

Setting Out
Your father has been missing for some time, you decide to set out for the local town in order to get help.

You can play it online here.
If you’d like to download and play it off-line then you can download the Zblorb file here. You’ll need an interpretor such as Windows Frotz to play it