Amecon 2016

If you’re attending Amecon in the UK this weekend, I’ll be running the Amateur voice acting 101 panel on the Sunday at 15:30 Wood Scawen. I’ve presented in there before for various Ayacon panels and it’s a great space. I’ll be talking through some basics of voice acting then when we’re tired and want to chill out we’ll descend into some Anime Dub Live.

All the way down

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I did some VO in All the way down, a free Adventure game set in Yorkshire.

Programmed and Written by Steve Poulton (Calin Leafshade @CalinLeafshade)
Background Art By Hayley Griffiths (Sookiesock @Sookiesock)
Character Art By Matt Frith (Tier @MatthewJFrith)
Portraits By Victor Pflug (Pinback @modredcastleton)
Lead Voice By Drew Wellman (ddq5 @ddq)
Shopkeeper By Rebecca McCarthy (Azure @azuresama)
Other Voices By Steven Poulton (Calin Leafshade @CalinLeafshade)

Download on AGS