Ashes – A short Bitsy game

I really adore the Bitsy Game Maker. It’s a web based game editor focused on dialogue and very simple tiles, and 2 frame sprites. It’s updated several times adding inventory items, and dialogue choices. People have already gotten really inventive with the limitations, creating everything from Twine like choice stories to light RPGs. It excels at little vignettes, and there are some great ones some autobiographical; others very surreal.

One thing Bitsy is very good at is forcing you to create small projects. I am sure at some point someone will create an epic but without a save and with it’s small compact nature it pushes you to short impactful projects. This project started as a doodle but evolved into a little story about those weird transient relationships you can have as a kid or a teen. This isn’t in any way autobiographical being set in a US Summer camp, but as a kid I vividly remember having some fun days hanging out with other kids where at the end of the day it doesn’t occur to us to exchange details. This isn’t by any means a perfect game but I enjoyed making it.

The Power is still on….a little robot game

I have some longer stuff on the go, but it’s been slow going because of real life day to day commitments. I stumbled across the Bitsy Editor, a tiny compact game editor that lets you make little games with very simple sprites and the ability to add light interaction in the form of text boxes. I’ve had fun playing some of the games made with it, and I may come back and do a mini blog about them at some point because there are some really good ones.

Despite only being a few screens long I’ve been working on ” The Power is still on” for a few weeks in snatched moments of time. I wanted to try and recreate some of the feelings I used to get by rummaging through my Dad’s huge suitcase of Spectrum games.  I often had no idea what any of them were and they seemed fairly strange and mysterious, and I feel often had a weird very British sense of melancholy.  I did sort of go with a gameboy colour palette though.

Sun Dogs is out! on Steam & Itch

Sun Dogs, the game I contributed to as a writer is out now to buy on Steam and , there’s also an article on Kill Screen with quotes from myself and Nic Tringali the game’s lead designer. It’s really awesome to see the game out, Nic’s been working really hard to get it ready for release. I had a lot of fun working on it, so I hope you all take a chance to enjoy it.


Sun Dogs is on Greenlight

Sun Dogs, the interactive fiction / adventure game I’m working on as a writer is now on Greenlight please vote

“ Sun Dogs is a game of exploring our inner solar system, altering your body, and embracing death.In a distant future where humanity alters itself without a second thought, you must do the same. Skim along the Sun’s corona, float above the surface of Venus, travel the dusty plains of Mars. If your body dies, your mind will be given a new one, and you will keep going. FeauturingExpansive and unique sci-fi worlds

Dynamic text reacts to your character and actions
Full modding system allowing additions or rewrites to the entire game

For more info on modding and the game, visit our website and devlog at


Red Car/ Green Car audio drama

An original audio drama I wrote, it’s been in the works a good long while

Red/ Car Green Car

It seems to Scott that his son always has to the right about everything, and he almost always is. But what worries Scott is that the facts might be changing to fit what the boy says and not the other way around. Strange events have been swirling around Sam ever since he was a baby when he was rejected and almost killed by his mother. Now at the age of twelve the strange phenomena seem to go increasing at an exponential rate. How much is Scott imagining? Is he jealous of his son? or has he passed on the strangest of special talents?


Stream @ Sheezyart

A Fyrestarter/ Solider production

Written by: Rebecca Mccarthy

Produced/ Mixed by: River Kanoff

Music : Dan Bradley


Featuring the vocal talents of:
River Kanoff as Scott Canessa,
Michael Johnston as Sam Canessa,
Ryan Gilbert as Dr Borne and Bear
Hathor Liderc as Mr Holt
Maria Vu as Emily
Clym Angus as the taxi driver
Mindy as Miriam
Mippa as Hannah
Rebecca McCarthy as the Nurse
And narrated by Richard Bartok
A fyrestarter production