Ashes – A short Bitsy game

I really adore the Bitsy Game Maker. It’s a web based game editor focused on dialogue and very simple tiles, and 2 frame sprites. It’s updated several times adding inventory items, and dialogue choices. People have already gotten really inventive with the limitations, creating everything from Twine like choice stories to light RPGs. It excels at little vignettes, and there are some great ones some autobiographical; others very surreal.

One thing Bitsy is very good at is forcing you to create small projects. I am sure at some point someone will create an epic but without a save and with it’s small compact nature it pushes you to short impactful projects. This project started as a doodle but evolved into a little story about those weird transient relationships you can have as a kid or a teen. This isn’t in any way autobiographical being set in a US Summer camp, but as a kid I vividly remember having some fun days hanging out with other kids where at the end of the day it doesn’t occur to us to exchange details. This isn’t by any means a perfect game but I enjoyed making it.