Voice Acting

I’ve voice acting as a hobby for around 18 years projects include:

Commercial Games

Stasis – Te’ah – The Brotherhood

Mods & Fan Games

Bloody Moors (Left 4 Dead mod) – Woman -Kev Edwards

All the Way down – Shopkeeper – Sanctuary Interactive

Late last Nite – Morgan  No more for today

King’s Quest II – Graham ( Child) – AGDI

The McCarthy Chronicles Episode 1 – Woman – Calinleafshade

The Silver Lining – Vines/Fishing Kid – Phoenix Online Studios


Animation / Machinima

Pre-game Lobby Season 1 Jessica – Harabek 

Seflish Souls – Girl – Roy Lazarovich

Chronicles of Humanity Renegades – Chief Davidson – Damien Valintine

The Amazing Adam Android – Stacy -HotDiggedyDemon

Amecon ’07 Opening Animation– Various female – Makenai Team

Ashby – Mom – Can of Nothing




Audio samples



Stasis Trailer

Voice Packs

Every so often I put out free voice packs intended for freeware and prototype projects. Check them out here.