Game Writer & Narrative Designer

Narrative Design, Rich worlds and engaging characters that leave players energized

Hello, I’m Rebecca McCarthy. A game writer and narrative designer based in the UK with over ten years experience in the games industry. I specialise in holistic world building, expressive characters and IP generation.

Globe icon representing World Building.

I can expand and work within existing worlds creating authentic new content.

Dawn icon - IP creation

Create new IP from the ground up. Enthralling players, meeting stakeholder needs and supporting world class gameplay.

Microphone icon - Engaging Dialogue and voice casting.

Funny engaging dialogue and character creation supported by voice casting and direction.

Book Icon - Lore, community content and live service games.

Unique engaging prose for engaging lore, community and live service games.


  • Pieced Together Wins at the Game Connection Awards

    Pieced Together Wins at the Game Connection Awards

    Pieced Together from Glowfrog Games has won two awards at the 2024 Game Connection Awards. I worked with the team at Glowfrog during a prototyping phase while they were participating in the Wings Elevate scheme. The team had already done a significant amount of work. I came aboard for this phase of their project to…