Game Writer & Narrative Designer

Narrative Design, Rich worlds and engaging characters that leave players energized

Hello, I’m Rebecca McCarthy. A game writer and narrative designer based in the UK with over ten years experience in the games industry. I specialise in holistic world building, expressive characters and IP generation.

Globe icon representing World Building.

I can expand and work within existing worlds creating authentic new content.

Dawn icon - IP creation

Create new IP from the ground up. Enthralling players, meeting stakeholder needs and supporting world class gameplay.

Microphone icon - Engaging Dialogue and voice casting.

Funny engaging dialogue and character creation supported by voice casting and direction.

Book Icon - Lore, community content and live service games.

Unique engaging prose for engaging lore, community and live service games.


  • 2019 Narrative Design Reading List

    2019 Narrative Design Reading List

    A few weeks ago I tweeted out a list of writing and narrative design books I’ve read this year. It’s important as designers to maintain and expand our skillsets, so I thought I’d share this year’s list in the hope that it will help anyone with an interesting in writing or game design. There’s very … Read more2019 Narrative Design Reading List