Writing & Narrative Design

Narrative Designer – Dirty Bomb
Splash Damage
Updating and rewriting character and world back story.
– Narrative Direction & Writing for the new MercSERV tutorial.
– Creating, voice directing and casting ‘Mia’ a character designed to act as the guide for new players.
– Writing new video tutorials.
– Writing a variety of update videos, including the ‘Hunter trailer.

One of the MercSERV tutorial videos. See the rest here.

Narrative Designer – Gears tactics

Splash Damage

  • As part of the Splash Damage team I was brought on to help Splash Damage’s narrative team and our partners at The Coalition.
  • Prepared briefing materials for the Lead Writer.
  • Provided troubleshooting and review of narrative design issues.
  • Provided placeholder text and helped support and improve the narrative pipeline.

Sun Dogs – Writer

Royal Polygon

Provided world building and writing for this minimalist trans-humanist game. My work focused on Venus. A planet full of mechanized palanquins, crime and the isolated elite. I also wrote the game’s missions which see the player embark on a variety of missions. Retrieve a space whale’s lost heart. Find the data-tapes which contain the memories of a lost lover.


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