Over Christmas, some of my friends and I binged on Hallmark Christmas. This led to us challenging each other to make up our own Hallmark Christmas film and write a scene in script format. We didn’t really have any criteria, so I went for the most generic thing I could. It hit home, how hard it is to write for Hallmark. Sure there’s some elements of formula, but how do you make it fresh? How do you add a new spin on it. A good Hallmark film is like a warm bath. Conflicts never end in a fight. The couple always gets together and Christmas is saved.

A Christmas show mock poster, a man has his arms around a woman in a theatre. With Sparkles all around them.
Back of the box for a Christmas show:

Music teacher Merry volunteers at a struggling community theatre that relies on donations from local businessman Mr Frost. Her plans are derailed when Mr Frost falls ill and it’s discovered he is in debt. His son Jack returns from his life overseas to announce the theatre must be sold. Merry convinces him to give them enough time to put on one final show. Jack relents and find himself drawn into helping Meredith. As the two work together Meredith begins to draw out Jack’s long dormant musical talents, and the two begin to fall in love.

Other than checking out the scripts of writer Rick Garman, I didn’t do too much research. I wrote the script on the coach home from visiting my family at Christmas.

The script is very silly. It was a really big challenge to try and hit the tone. I missed the mark a little. Though in my defence there are a few easter eggs for my friends.

You can read the script here.

Sadly I didn’t win this year… Next year I’ll be armed with my experience with a ton more movies watched and steal the trophy.

It was also the first time I’d used Fadein. I’m really impressed. I’ve never liked the UI of Final Draft and it was much nicer to use.

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