Battling Blocks with a narrative lens – Looking at Tetris with a narrative lens

Since the future of Twitter is looking a little uncertain, I’ve started archiving threads on my blog. To set the scene a narrative designer has said the magic phrase ” But everything in the game is narrative!”. A steely eyed colleague/friend/spartan looks back across the void of the birdsite. They stop, smile ( even through … Read moreBattling Blocks with a narrative lens – Looking at Tetris with a narrative lens

2019 Narrative Design Reading List

Narrative Design Reading List Header

A few weeks ago I tweeted out a list of writing and narrative design books I’ve read this year. It’s important as designers to maintain and expand our skillsets, so I thought I’d share this year’s list in the hope that it will help anyone with an interesting in writing or game design. There’s very … Read more2019 Narrative Design Reading List

The Narrative Structure of The Artful Escape

Screenshot from the Artful Escape. Depicting Francis Vendetti holding a guitar.

After having just completed the Artful Escape. I was struck by how well it’s structured. The story is linear. Mixing exploration sections, with musical platforming and performance sections. I’ve chosen to only talk about the main structural points here. There’s a lot more to see in the main game. This is a very high-level overview.(Spoilers … Read moreThe Narrative Structure of The Artful Escape

AdventureX 2017

I’m once again helping to organize AdventureX a convention dedicated to narrative & storytelling in games. It’s running November 11-12  2017 at Goldsmith’s University London. We just launched our Kickstarter and within 24 hours were funded.  If you want to exhibit a game, give a talk or help us as a volunteer then you can … Read moreAdventureX 2017